Thursday, January 30, 2014

Hermana Emily Waddell- 1st letter from the MTC!!!

Okay, so this first week has flown by! But at the same time it feels like it has been a lifetime of information. I have learned soooo much already. The spirit here is constant, and so strong. The teachers and leaders here are wonderful. They are so genuine and when they look at you I feel like they can see all my emotions. I love them.
So primera, mi compaƱera es muy perfecto por mi. Ella es muy intelligente y feliz all the time! Her name is Hermana Davenport. She is from Riverton, Utah and she is just so awesome. My district is seriously the best. I love everyone so much already, along with our teacher Hermano Whitaker. He served in Puerto Rico and he is just 22, so fresh off the boat!
My Spanish is getting there. The third day we were here we had to teach a lesson in Spanish! Yes. Spanish. It was so terrifying. But, it actually was not too bad. Whereas I was being super Emily and being down on myself. It really went pretty well. We have had 5 lessons since then! One of them(our 3rd one) we were encourage by our teacher to not bring our notes, which if you just put yourself in our shoes our reaction was... "ajwoeifmalkdfjLWHATTldkfjlaIMPOSIBLE"....BUT, we took his suggestion to heart and prayed about it. And we put all our faith in the Lord. And you know what, that was probably the best lesson we have had. The spirit was sitting with us in the room and although our spanish is not at its maximum. Josue(our investigator) was able to understand and feel exactly what we wanted him to feel..
A short thought on a combination of talks and devotionals I have heard since I have been here. Everything in the conversion process must happen to us before it can happen to those we are trying to teach. We might be members and were technically 'converted' but have we completely come unto Christ and put him before ourselves in any and every situation? We cannot be true examples to others if we are not doing what we ask them to do. Also, Charity is essential. -- without it we have nothing. D&C 12:8 My thoughts are kind of scattered right now because so much has happened.
But I'll bare a short testimony.

Yo se que la Iglesia es verdadero. Este Evangelio es essential por nuestros vida. Yo se que Padre Celestial contestamos oraciones y El bendiciones hacer fortuleza y fe y charidad. Yo se agradecido por todos Engangelio y por Jesuscristo y la Expiacion. Yo se que no podemos todos cosas un solo. Podemos seguir Dios si nosotros seguir El ejemplo. Yo se que Espirtu Santos es muy importante y essential por nuestros vidas. Estoy muy agredico por con oportunidad to be un misionera y ensenar la Evangelio. En el nombre de Jesuscristo, Amen.
I swear I'm learning. haha. I wish I could show you all how much I am learning. My spanish is best when I am teaching and have the spirit by my side.

Remember we are all missionaries. We all have the power to serve and to love. And "If we remain persistent and obedient, the Lord will bless us"(James B. Martino at devo) All is well in Zion.

I love you all,
Hermana Waddell

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