Thursday, February 27, 2014

Last email from MTC 2-27-14

I leave Monday for Mexico. It's finally starting to hit me, and it's a little overwhelming to be honest. I am so excited and also so nervous, which is normal. One of the biggest sacrifices for me is not being able to go to the temple for the rest of my mission. That will be hard. But the Lord's work will definitely be worth it.

So funny/horrible story!
This Monday I woke up ya know, supaa early in da morning; didn't see my companion in bed but I heard somebody in the bathroom so I just did my morning prayers and such. Once I started walking around the apartment I realized that was not her in the bathroom. Or in the other room, or anywhere. Sooooo, I started to kind of freak out. I asked the other Hermanas in the apartment if they knew where she was...nada. I grabbed an Hermana from the trio for splits to go look for her. We ran to our old apartment that we just moved out of to see if she mightve went in there... nada. Thought maybe she slept walked and went outside...nada... So then of course we start to expect the worse. And it was a horrible feeling. We all said a prayer together, kind of frantically and then we decided we should go to the office to call our Branch president..... We're running, I'm in a tshirt and tights, the other Hermana(Steoger) is wearing a purple flower mumu and SECONDs before we run through the front door of the office I remember.....She's in Vegas.
ya. She went to get her Visa stuff figured out and I forgot. She left at like 4 in the morning and didn't wake any of us up so we all forgot and ya. Probably doesnt sound like that big of a deal, but it messed up my day for sure. haha.

On a spiritual note, again, I've learned so much this week. Especiallyl the power that Satan has on our feelings of inadequacy and/or any other bad feeling. It can be overwhelming and cause you to forget the power of our Heavenly Father. Don't let this happen. It is not fun or even close to worth it. Remember that every good thing is of God, Moroni 7:12

12 Wherefore, all things which are good cometh of God; and thatwhich is evil cometh of the devil; for the devil is an enemy untoGod, and fighteth against him continually, and inviteth andenticeth to sin, and to do that which is evil continually.

If there is ever bad feelings or thoughts, they are NOT of God. period. Do not let Satan in, do not let him win. Heavenly Father is standing there with open arms and a soft heart for anything that you need. I have such a strong testimony in the power of prayer and the comfort and power that Heavenly Father has for me, for everyone. If you all could only feel the love of God in my life. His hand is literally in everything I do. Without him, I would be nowhere, I could do nothing. He is the reason I am where I am today. I have been so humbled. And continue to be. So how can we become closer to God and Christ in order for these blessings?

In 2 Nephi 31:10 it says "Follow thou me. Wherefore, my beloved brethren, can we follow Jesus save we shall be willing to keep the commandments of the Father?"
(I'm stealing this example from Hno. Beatty)
But when you follow somebody, you usually watch what theyre doing right? Every step of the way, every stop and turn. Why do you usually follow someone?
Because they know where theyre going right?

Do you think that Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father know where theyre going?

Are you following Christ's footsteps and striving to come closer to our Heavenly Father?

I love you all so much. Something that Elder Ronneburg said in class the other day, "We're not learning a new language, we're remembering how to speak it."

All is well in Zion,
Con amor,
Hermana Waddell

Thursday, February 20, 2014


I forgot my journal with my notes in it so this email might be totally wack but bare with me.

So yesterday we were chosen to be Hosts! Which is basically just the people who introduce and welcome all the new missionaries and bring them to their rooms and classes. It's an awesome experience and I'm so honored to do it for the rest of the time I'm here. Also, our zone recieved 2 new districts yesterday! So now we're the old ones and they're super fresh. We welcomed them all into our zone and I'm so excited to get to know them all in the next couple weeks! It's kind of weird sometimes being a Sister Training leader because I have different responsibilities and I miss class sometimes for them (which i do not like one bit) but it's okay, I love learning more about my zone.

Okay so you might want to take a seat for this one......anything fragile around?......if you have any heart or problems with seizures I wouldn't advice you to read this next thing too quickly....

So as you all know I am in the MTC choir, so we get to go to devotionals super early and we have reserved seats... so I don't know if you remember last week the Pres. of UVU Matthew Holland was speaking at our Sunday devo. ya... see where I'm going with this?...................


I'm still freaking out about it.

He didn't specifically speak, but he did introduce his son with a few kind words and even then the spirit was RADIATING throughout the room. We were loving life. The talk by Matt Holland was about Joseph Smith, and in between his talk the UVU Institute choir sang different songs about Joseph smith and it was beautiful. Loved every second of it. Greattttt experience. Oh and it was Sister Hollands bday so the whole MTC sang Happy Birthday to her haha. SO BOMB.

We've been teaching this lady Nayeli and she's a real investigator and it's been a really good experience so far. she's so sweet and we've all grown to love her so much. I hope she keeps in touch. But hey! The Elders in my district (who might I add are basically the best and most diligent hardworking elders ever) have been teaching a gold tag investigator (which means a real investigator) and THEY JUST SET A BAPTISM APPOINTMENT. Like, in real life, he wants to get baptized! And it's scheduled for 2 days before we leave. so we're all really excited for that.

I have learned so much doctrine this week I can't even seem to focus on one thing to write about in my email. But just one thing. I am started to truly realize how important and sacred being a missionary is. We are literally, LITERALLY, representatives of Jesus Christ. And sometimes that can be a little intimidating/overwhelming. But also, suchhhh a blessing. I am loving life so much. The gospel is SO true. I think I have finally found my passion. I have such a boiling desire to learn more and more about this gospel and religion in general. And my teachers are literally the best and are such role models to me. Every day, I am SO excited to see them and hear what they have to teach me. My testimony has grown so strong. I JUST WANT EVERYONE TO HAVE WHAT I HAVE IT KILLS ME. If only they all knew. And that is why I am going to show them, and teach them, and invite them to come unto Christ and streghthen their faith. Love it. I can't even explain to you all the feelings I have for this gospel.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD! I wish I could tell you in person! Love you. Stay bald.... I mean, gold ;)

Remember that you are all children of God. And he wants you to be happy. He wants you to come unto Him. Don't forget your purpose here on Earth. Don't forget your potential. Every soul is great in the sight of God. I love you all so much. I hope your all doing well in the real world. All is well in Zion.

Con amor,
Hermana Waddell

PS. don't send us anymore food. we have enough to feed a whole country. Gracias :)

also, my companion is a model. check her outtttttt (jk dont do that, she's a missionary)

Saturday, February 15, 2014

So my companera and I were just called as Sister Training Leaders of our whole zone. I was pretty surprised at the calling, not going to lie. But I am so excited to learn and grow to be a better leader.

Can I just first start off with the fact that we literally have the best teachers ever. I don't think you all realize how wonderful they are. Hermano Beatty, Whittaker, and Clark are our main teachers, and I swear theyre going to be the next Apostles. I have learned so much from them and they have given me the desire to learn so much more about this gospel. A short analogy that Hermano Beatty was comparing to doctrine study was the difference between swimming - snorkeling - and scuba diving. We have all swam in the scriptures right? Basically, just reading and knowing that there was something going on under the water but not really looking for it. And maybe most of us have snorkeled. We can see things going on in the doctrine from far away and know that there is a lot to ponder and look at, but we don't go very deep to analyze it. And then, there is the few of us who might have gone scuba diving in our lifetime. Where we are able to dive as deep as possible and hold in our hands, those things that we are searching for. We are able to ponder them up close, and understand the meaning behind them.
I hope that made sense. But for me, that has been a wonderful tool this past week. I have learned how to dissect the scriptures in a way I never thought I could.

Another attribute I have been working on is "Listening with Love" Hermano Beatty brought us outside and told us not to talk to anyone or make any noise but to write down everything we heard at that moment. The answers were usually like, the trees, the cars, people talking in the distance. Until Elder Ronneburg busted out with the answer "I heard my thoughts." Deep right?
So basically we went into this deep subject of listening rather than hearing. We sometimes, as human beings, tend to focus on what we are going to say next in a conversation rather than just listening to the person talking to us at that moment. When it comes to missionary work, we tend to get anxious and worrisome about what to say next to our investigators, especially when we don't know the language. There is a quote by, I think Elder Holland, that says something like "If we listen with the Spirit, there is no need to worry." I personally think this is SO true. We have had some BOMB lessons by following this council. Not being afraid of silent pauses gives the other person an opportunity to gather their thoughts and feel the spirit that we try to send to them. When we Listen with Love the spirit guides us with inspired questions and comments. This is not just something that missionaries should use. It is a wonderful tool for anyone. It teaches us how to be humble, how to gain better relationships with people, and how to rely on the Lord to help us in anything we might need.

Also, real quick, I'm in the MTC Choir, so we sing basically every week at one of the devotionals. And this next Sunday Elder Holland's son is going to be speaking!!!!! Soooooo, there is a strong possibility that Elder Holland himself might be there. So we are all VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY excited! We are singing Praise to the man and it is going to be so awesome. Devotionals are the best.

Oh, and Happy Vday WORLD!

All is well in Zion. Much love.
Hermana Waddell

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Hermana Waddell 2-6-14

So, the 2nd week is a bit more a struggle then the first. I am still learning SO much, but the learning speed has definitely slowed down, so it is easy to get discouraged. My spanish is improving slowly but surely. Oh and I have the BEST new teacher. Honestly, I'm pretty sure my district has the best teachers in the whole MTC because holy maestro they are dee bestttt. (nacho libre voice). Seriously, I have learned soooo much. The different perspectives of doctrine and of how to teach investigators is endless and miraculous.

I went to Vegas on Monday! Ya, they send all of us to different places, Idaho/SLC/Vegas, depending on the person, to get all of our VISA stuff finished up. There is a Mexican Consulate there who we go to to get our fingerprints and photos taken. So I'm officially done, now I just have to wait for it to go through, which won't be a problem. While there I had the opportunity to talk to some people about the gospel. It was definitely a good experience although much different in the real world rather than role playing at the MTC. The best was when I met a member at the airport whose wife served in our ward! QUE PADRE WHAT THE WEIRD, right?! Ya, I thought the same. He was telling me a story about how she liked her mission except for this one time there was a roach on the wall in the house they were staying at, they kicked it, and BOOM, hole in the wall.........and then....TERMITES. Ya, pretty sick gnar. Wow totally kidding. But ya, gross. And as he told the story I remembered that happening to some missionaries who served in our ward around the time we were new members to the ward. His name is Brother Nelson her maiden name was Sister Steed. She remembers a lot of people from the ward. Small world.

Every Sunday, after devo, we get to choose out of 4 videos. They are all different talks from certain people. This last week we watch one by Elder Holland. He is just the bees knees. I don't remember what the talk was called but oh my goodness, it was so inspiring and motivating. He is so straight forward and blunt. If he wants you to know something, he does not sugar coat, ever! But what I want to share with all of you is a poem that he shared with us,

"Come to the edge." He said

"No, we'll fall."

"Come to the edge." He said

"No! We'll fall!"


So... we came to the edge...

and he pushed us...

...and, we flew.

I am just in love with this. As missionaries(and yes that means you) we sometimes refrain from going out there. We refrain from talking to the person who held the door open for us, or from that friend who might listen but we're scared of rejection. We turn in, when we could act as Christ and turn out. We need to take that step, no, take that leap in order to make a difference. If we stay where we are content and comfortable, we are only going backwards. Remember we were put on this earth for a reason. Not just for trials and tribulations and experience. But to grow. To Come unto Christ, to learn all we can about this gospel and share it with others. We do not have the right to keep it to ourselves. That is not what Heavenly Father gave it to us for. We need to do our part and trust the Lord to always do his.

I love you all, keep writing me. Letters would be great, b/c once I get to Mexico, letters will be very difficult.

All is well in Zion,
Hermana Waddell

P.S. my address for you all to write me a billion letters is:

Hermana Waddell
2023 N 900 E Unit 841
Provo UT 84602


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