Thursday, February 6, 2014

Hermana Waddell 2-6-14

So, the 2nd week is a bit more a struggle then the first. I am still learning SO much, but the learning speed has definitely slowed down, so it is easy to get discouraged. My spanish is improving slowly but surely. Oh and I have the BEST new teacher. Honestly, I'm pretty sure my district has the best teachers in the whole MTC because holy maestro they are dee bestttt. (nacho libre voice). Seriously, I have learned soooo much. The different perspectives of doctrine and of how to teach investigators is endless and miraculous.

I went to Vegas on Monday! Ya, they send all of us to different places, Idaho/SLC/Vegas, depending on the person, to get all of our VISA stuff finished up. There is a Mexican Consulate there who we go to to get our fingerprints and photos taken. So I'm officially done, now I just have to wait for it to go through, which won't be a problem. While there I had the opportunity to talk to some people about the gospel. It was definitely a good experience although much different in the real world rather than role playing at the MTC. The best was when I met a member at the airport whose wife served in our ward! QUE PADRE WHAT THE WEIRD, right?! Ya, I thought the same. He was telling me a story about how she liked her mission except for this one time there was a roach on the wall in the house they were staying at, they kicked it, and BOOM, hole in the wall.........and then....TERMITES. Ya, pretty sick gnar. Wow totally kidding. But ya, gross. And as he told the story I remembered that happening to some missionaries who served in our ward around the time we were new members to the ward. His name is Brother Nelson her maiden name was Sister Steed. She remembers a lot of people from the ward. Small world.

Every Sunday, after devo, we get to choose out of 4 videos. They are all different talks from certain people. This last week we watch one by Elder Holland. He is just the bees knees. I don't remember what the talk was called but oh my goodness, it was so inspiring and motivating. He is so straight forward and blunt. If he wants you to know something, he does not sugar coat, ever! But what I want to share with all of you is a poem that he shared with us,

"Come to the edge." He said

"No, we'll fall."

"Come to the edge." He said

"No! We'll fall!"


So... we came to the edge...

and he pushed us...

...and, we flew.

I am just in love with this. As missionaries(and yes that means you) we sometimes refrain from going out there. We refrain from talking to the person who held the door open for us, or from that friend who might listen but we're scared of rejection. We turn in, when we could act as Christ and turn out. We need to take that step, no, take that leap in order to make a difference. If we stay where we are content and comfortable, we are only going backwards. Remember we were put on this earth for a reason. Not just for trials and tribulations and experience. But to grow. To Come unto Christ, to learn all we can about this gospel and share it with others. We do not have the right to keep it to ourselves. That is not what Heavenly Father gave it to us for. We need to do our part and trust the Lord to always do his.

I love you all, keep writing me. Letters would be great, b/c once I get to Mexico, letters will be very difficult.

All is well in Zion,
Hermana Waddell

P.S. my address for you all to write me a billion letters is:

Hermana Waddell
2023 N 900 E Unit 841
Provo UT 84602

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