Saturday, February 15, 2014

So my companera and I were just called as Sister Training Leaders of our whole zone. I was pretty surprised at the calling, not going to lie. But I am so excited to learn and grow to be a better leader.

Can I just first start off with the fact that we literally have the best teachers ever. I don't think you all realize how wonderful they are. Hermano Beatty, Whittaker, and Clark are our main teachers, and I swear theyre going to be the next Apostles. I have learned so much from them and they have given me the desire to learn so much more about this gospel. A short analogy that Hermano Beatty was comparing to doctrine study was the difference between swimming - snorkeling - and scuba diving. We have all swam in the scriptures right? Basically, just reading and knowing that there was something going on under the water but not really looking for it. And maybe most of us have snorkeled. We can see things going on in the doctrine from far away and know that there is a lot to ponder and look at, but we don't go very deep to analyze it. And then, there is the few of us who might have gone scuba diving in our lifetime. Where we are able to dive as deep as possible and hold in our hands, those things that we are searching for. We are able to ponder them up close, and understand the meaning behind them.
I hope that made sense. But for me, that has been a wonderful tool this past week. I have learned how to dissect the scriptures in a way I never thought I could.

Another attribute I have been working on is "Listening with Love" Hermano Beatty brought us outside and told us not to talk to anyone or make any noise but to write down everything we heard at that moment. The answers were usually like, the trees, the cars, people talking in the distance. Until Elder Ronneburg busted out with the answer "I heard my thoughts." Deep right?
So basically we went into this deep subject of listening rather than hearing. We sometimes, as human beings, tend to focus on what we are going to say next in a conversation rather than just listening to the person talking to us at that moment. When it comes to missionary work, we tend to get anxious and worrisome about what to say next to our investigators, especially when we don't know the language. There is a quote by, I think Elder Holland, that says something like "If we listen with the Spirit, there is no need to worry." I personally think this is SO true. We have had some BOMB lessons by following this council. Not being afraid of silent pauses gives the other person an opportunity to gather their thoughts and feel the spirit that we try to send to them. When we Listen with Love the spirit guides us with inspired questions and comments. This is not just something that missionaries should use. It is a wonderful tool for anyone. It teaches us how to be humble, how to gain better relationships with people, and how to rely on the Lord to help us in anything we might need.

Also, real quick, I'm in the MTC Choir, so we sing basically every week at one of the devotionals. And this next Sunday Elder Holland's son is going to be speaking!!!!! Soooooo, there is a strong possibility that Elder Holland himself might be there. So we are all VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY excited! We are singing Praise to the man and it is going to be so awesome. Devotionals are the best.

Oh, and Happy Vday WORLD!

All is well in Zion. Much love.
Hermana Waddell

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