Monday, March 31, 2014

wow, I cannot believe I have been in Mexico for a month!! Crazy. This past week was awesome. After my close to death sickness experience we had an AWESOME next day. We were looking for members in the ward to get to know better since we´re still not super familiar of the people in the area, and we found a less active family. We had a super good scripture to share (Ether 12:4) And talked about faith and the impact it can have on our life, and then towards the end, the mom started to cry. And at first I was afraid I had missed something (because my spanish of course), but then, turns out; JUST that morning, she was praying to God, questioning things that were happening in her life. She couldnt take much more and needed his hand in her life. And then we showed up. The amount of joy in her eyes touched my heart so much. And turns out, she has a son who is 9 and not baptized! So, new investigator for us! And thennnnn, Fernanda (someone weve been teaching who is incredible) accepted a baptismal date! We were beyond happy. But she missed sacrament meeting, so we have to change the date.... but that´s okay! I know all will be worth it in the end! I just really want to help her get to the temple trip that the ward is having in May. That will be such a great experience for her.
So ya, basically a lot is the same including the continual growth and learning in my life. It´s almost a blessing that it´s so hard to find people here to teach, because my faith in trust in the Lord has skyrocketed. My spanish is getting better! But not having people to teach makes it hard to practice, but again, totally okay! I´m just so happy to be here. This gospel is so true and God has so much love for each and every one of us.
I´ve been thinking a lot about "things". Like, wordly "things". Things like, running water, HOT water, blankets, cars, bikes, shoes, doors to houses, HOUSES. Things that are kind of second nature to us. But here in Mexico, not so much. People here don´t have the opportunity to try a million things like in the United States. If they like, guitar and dancing and drawing and photography--they pick one thing, and work on that. Because they dont have the time or the money to try it all. And also, a lot of our investigators/inactive members dont have the money to go to church! How sad is that?! They have such a desire to go, but yet. The lack the funds. That´s something Ive really been thinking about. It has humbled me so much. And I definitely did not word any of that the way its in my head, but that´s all fine and dandy. Im so grateful to be here. I´m so grateful for all of you. We are all children of our Heavenly Father, and He loves us all so much. And Jesus Christ, our brother, suffered and did SOO much for us. Don´t forget the importance of the atonement. It´s basically the whole purpose and way we can return to our Heavenly Father again. My thoughts are so jumbled. But I love all of you. And I hope you can all reach out to Christ and our Heavenly Father in your lives. Because He is standing there, with and open heart and hand, waiting for you to take it.
All is well in the promised land.

con amor,
Hna Waddell

(Ps. I was going to send a super sick picture of my awesomeeeee tan line from my shoes, buut, the internet here is not the best so, NEXT WEEK)

Monday, March 24, 2014

Okay, so we don't have any baptismal dates still, but we're trying really hard! We are finally starting to get to know the word and find some investigators. And our investigators are AWESOME. Enserio. The best. We walk millions of miles a day so were always ready for bed when the time comes.
I've actually been pretty sick these past few days. And it makes it really hard to do the work. But were going to rest today and hopefully I'm better soon.
Turns out, I remember why I was vegetarian. Some of the meat I eat is questionable. But I'm learning to just get over it. My Spanish is getting better slowly but surely. I pray for the gift of tongues and interpretation every day. And I know that the Lord is helping me.
To be honest I cant really think clearly right now, so Im going to keep this short. But just know that I love you all and I am so glad to be here serving the Lord.
Oh and mom, tell Mimi nobody has pinched me yet. That'll be the day.

Con amor,
Hna. Waddell

Monday, March 17, 2014

We walk.....a LOT!

2nd weeek was exhausting. I have been learning so muchhh! Oh and theres like no lines in the roads here because I guess people just like to decide for themselves how many lanes theyre going to make. Definitely dangerous, but everyone seems to know what theyre doing. Spanish is hardddddd, mostly because I cant understand anybody. But Im not letting my frustrations get ahold of me. Ive actually been really optimistic for the most part and its been so great! We dont have many investigators since its a new area but we do have a few! And were working on baptismal dates for them :) One is totally ready, but she needs to get married first! Shes planning a wedding for april so were excited for that :)
There are a lotttttt of sad people here. Its kind of crazy actually. Nobody smiles half the time. Which is weird because I always smile. but I love the people so much. Even the creeps who whistle at me and call me weird things I dont understand. Oh it was so funny, this past week, theres this one family in the ward who is so nice and always want to help us. We went over to talk and have some arroz de leche (which oh my word, heaven in a cup) and right when we walked in this little niño who is always trying to teach me spanish runs up and gives me a FAT hug! I didnt know what to do so I just threw my hands up in the air and made the face. Haha. It was entertaining.
Personal study is probably my favorite time out of the day. It gives me that spiritual boost to share with people I talk to. I love the doctrine so much. And I love this gospel! I have come to grow such a passion for it all.
Ive been looking for super sick leather scripture cases like all of the teachers at the MTC but turns out theyre really difficult to come by. So if any knows of anything. let me knowwww!
My spanish is getting better, better enough that I can share my awkward humor with my district and zone. They seem to appreciate it, so I guess Ill keep it up. I feel like I have no time to barely think about anything accept my mission. So I love that. We walk ALOTTTT. I mean alot. So when I come back Im gonna have some rock hards calfs! Anyways. I really like the scrip. Ether 12:4. It talks about faith and how if we continue to work on our faith, it will act as an anchor for our souls. How cool is that? An anchor for our souls... Wow. How powerful. We just need to continue having complete trust and faith that the Lord is always there and will always help us. And once this is done. Were solid. We are anchored to the Lord.
Are you anchoring your soul to the Lord?
Are you giving your all, and stopping the worldly things to serve Him?
Are you remembering what he has done for us and the reason we are here?

I testify that this gospel is true. That the doctrine of the Lord is suchhh a great tool for us to use. FOR ANYTHING. Anything we are questioning. The scriptures can help. I am so grateful to be here serving the Lord. This is his work. I am only acting as a tool in his hands. He loves us all so much. It is unreal.

All is well in the promised land,
Hna Waddell

                                            Where I live and serve. Tultepec

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Hermana Waddell loves the food and weather!

*****She tried to send photos this week, but had computer issues.

Wow. Just wow. First of all, the temperature here = golden. Always feels sooo nice! Which is such a blessing. The spanish is hard, and a barrier, but it{s coming and I have faith. Since we are in a new area, its hard because we dont have all the papers we need, we arent familiar and such, we have to start fresh. BUT, it{s totally okay because we are learning so much! Okay, I dont really know what to write about because theres so much. But I think Ill just make a list of some stuff Ive learned about mexico and being here so far:

1. The food is great. And Im just waiting for the day I eat something bad and I start dying for sickness haha
2. Everybody has gates and locks to their houses, soooo its really difficult to get ahold of people.
3. Spanish is hard.
4. Everyone stares at me, but I usually just stare back and that sometimes throws them off.
5. You dont have to finish your food if your full. Even if they keep asking you if you want more. If you let them, theyll go on forever.
6. I live in a complex called Ojo de Tigre. so basically, we livin "Rocky" style
7. We take taxis and buses everywhere. Its actually kind of fun
8. Near my area I guess they make fireworks, so of course when I first heard one go off I was a little on edge to what the sound might be. but turns out, its only fireworks!
9. No we cant wear watches, which kind of drives me crazy because I always have to ask for the time but totally okay!
10. I have a SICK planner, photo below...
11. It smells like sewer a lot...
12. But the sunsets are great!
13. When at a members house we wash our hands in a bucket into the toilet. Its definitely different. But atleast I have clean manos!
14. ummmm......again the food is great the weather is wonderful

The people here (besides the creepers) are wonderful! Everyone is so nice even though my spanish is horrible. I cant wait to be more comfortable with my spanish and understand whats going on more. Because lets be honest, I really dont understand 3/4 of my day haha. But thats okay! The Lord is on my side.

All is well in zion,
con amor,
Hna. Waddell

Friday, March 7, 2014

This came from her mission President.....

Welcome Sister Waddell!

Here she is with the other missionaries who arrived from the MTC.

Eight others arrived from the CCM (MTC) here in Mexico City. Her

companion is Hna. Acosta.

We are delighted to have her. Please don't hesitate to contact me if

you have any questions or concerns.

Here is the mailing address you should use for future packages and or

letters. We recommend using only the USPS.

Hermana Emily Waddell

Apdo. #98

Cuautitlan Izcalli

Estado de Mexico

Mexico 54740

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

She made it to Mexico

ok, so Im here. In mexico. This is unreal. I am typing on a spanish keyboard so bare with me. My companion is native and she doesn{t speak english. its awesome. and kind of really hard. We are in a completely new area in Mexico City that they just opened up to missionaries. We are the first ones. Soooo she isn{t familiar with this area either. Which will be interesting. I can{t send pics ahora porque no tengo adaptor for my memory card. But I will next week. My house is super cute. It{s yellow and two stories and pretty clean! But we have to wash our clothes in the sink and we don{t have a microwave. 

Pesos confuse me. And they don{t use pounds, miles, or feet here. They use kilograms, kilometers, and etc. It{s definitely a lot to take in. But I know with time I will learn so much and I have faith the Lord will guide me. 

We just went to walmart to get groceries (yes they have a walmart QUE PADRÉ) and we take taxis everywhere it seems. But it was really hard because I didn{t know how to tell her what I needed so it ended up taking way longer than it needed to haha pero esta bien. I don{t really know what to write about because I{m so mind boggled ahora. pues mente explotado! entonces. se.. umm. I love you all. 

All is well in the  promised land. 
Con amor,
Hna Waddell

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