Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Hermana Waddell loves the food and weather!

*****She tried to send photos this week, but had computer issues.

Wow. Just wow. First of all, the temperature here = golden. Always feels sooo nice! Which is such a blessing. The spanish is hard, and a barrier, but it{s coming and I have faith. Since we are in a new area, its hard because we dont have all the papers we need, we arent familiar and such, we have to start fresh. BUT, it{s totally okay because we are learning so much! Okay, I dont really know what to write about because theres so much. But I think Ill just make a list of some stuff Ive learned about mexico and being here so far:

1. The food is great. And Im just waiting for the day I eat something bad and I start dying for sickness haha
2. Everybody has gates and locks to their houses, soooo its really difficult to get ahold of people.
3. Spanish is hard.
4. Everyone stares at me, but I usually just stare back and that sometimes throws them off.
5. You dont have to finish your food if your full. Even if they keep asking you if you want more. If you let them, theyll go on forever.
6. I live in a complex called Ojo de Tigre. so basically, we livin "Rocky" style
7. We take taxis and buses everywhere. Its actually kind of fun
8. Near my area I guess they make fireworks, so of course when I first heard one go off I was a little on edge to what the sound might be. but turns out, its only fireworks!
9. No we cant wear watches, which kind of drives me crazy because I always have to ask for the time but totally okay!
10. I have a SICK planner, photo below...
11. It smells like sewer a lot...
12. But the sunsets are great!
13. When at a members house we wash our hands in a bucket into the toilet. Its definitely different. But atleast I have clean manos!
14. ummmm......again the food is great the weather is wonderful

The people here (besides the creepers) are wonderful! Everyone is so nice even though my spanish is horrible. I cant wait to be more comfortable with my spanish and understand whats going on more. Because lets be honest, I really dont understand 3/4 of my day haha. But thats okay! The Lord is on my side.

All is well in zion,
con amor,
Hna. Waddell

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