Tuesday, March 4, 2014

She made it to Mexico

ok, so Im here. In mexico. This is unreal. I am typing on a spanish keyboard so bare with me. My companion is native and she doesn{t speak english. its awesome. and kind of really hard. We are in a completely new area in Mexico City that they just opened up to missionaries. We are the first ones. Soooo she isn{t familiar with this area either. Which will be interesting. I can{t send pics ahora porque no tengo adaptor for my memory card. But I will next week. My house is super cute. It{s yellow and two stories and pretty clean! But we have to wash our clothes in the sink and we don{t have a microwave. 

Pesos confuse me. And they don{t use pounds, miles, or feet here. They use kilograms, kilometers, and etc. It{s definitely a lot to take in. But I know with time I will learn so much and I have faith the Lord will guide me. 

We just went to walmart to get groceries (yes they have a walmart QUE PADRÉ) and we take taxis everywhere it seems. But it was really hard because I didn{t know how to tell her what I needed so it ended up taking way longer than it needed to haha pero esta bien. I don{t really know what to write about because I{m so mind boggled ahora. pues mente explotado! entonces. se.. umm. I love you all. 

All is well in the  promised land. 
Con amor,
Hna Waddell

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