Monday, March 17, 2014

We walk.....a LOT!

2nd weeek was exhausting. I have been learning so muchhh! Oh and theres like no lines in the roads here because I guess people just like to decide for themselves how many lanes theyre going to make. Definitely dangerous, but everyone seems to know what theyre doing. Spanish is hardddddd, mostly because I cant understand anybody. But Im not letting my frustrations get ahold of me. Ive actually been really optimistic for the most part and its been so great! We dont have many investigators since its a new area but we do have a few! And were working on baptismal dates for them :) One is totally ready, but she needs to get married first! Shes planning a wedding for april so were excited for that :)
There are a lotttttt of sad people here. Its kind of crazy actually. Nobody smiles half the time. Which is weird because I always smile. but I love the people so much. Even the creeps who whistle at me and call me weird things I dont understand. Oh it was so funny, this past week, theres this one family in the ward who is so nice and always want to help us. We went over to talk and have some arroz de leche (which oh my word, heaven in a cup) and right when we walked in this little niƱo who is always trying to teach me spanish runs up and gives me a FAT hug! I didnt know what to do so I just threw my hands up in the air and made the face. Haha. It was entertaining.
Personal study is probably my favorite time out of the day. It gives me that spiritual boost to share with people I talk to. I love the doctrine so much. And I love this gospel! I have come to grow such a passion for it all.
Ive been looking for super sick leather scripture cases like all of the teachers at the MTC but turns out theyre really difficult to come by. So if any knows of anything. let me knowwww!
My spanish is getting better, better enough that I can share my awkward humor with my district and zone. They seem to appreciate it, so I guess Ill keep it up. I feel like I have no time to barely think about anything accept my mission. So I love that. We walk ALOTTTT. I mean alot. So when I come back Im gonna have some rock hards calfs! Anyways. I really like the scrip. Ether 12:4. It talks about faith and how if we continue to work on our faith, it will act as an anchor for our souls. How cool is that? An anchor for our souls... Wow. How powerful. We just need to continue having complete trust and faith that the Lord is always there and will always help us. And once this is done. Were solid. We are anchored to the Lord.
Are you anchoring your soul to the Lord?
Are you giving your all, and stopping the worldly things to serve Him?
Are you remembering what he has done for us and the reason we are here?

I testify that this gospel is true. That the doctrine of the Lord is suchhh a great tool for us to use. FOR ANYTHING. Anything we are questioning. The scriptures can help. I am so grateful to be here serving the Lord. This is his work. I am only acting as a tool in his hands. He loves us all so much. It is unreal.

All is well in the promised land,
Hna Waddell

                                            Where I live and serve. Tultepec

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  1. Your BlogSpot is excellent! Sister House and I really enjoy visiting it. It is exciting that you are breaking in a new area and already meeting with positive responses despite the hardships and inevitable opposition. Keep up the great work. It is wonderful to be a part of proclaiming the gospel! Bro House



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