Monday, March 31, 2014

wow, I cannot believe I have been in Mexico for a month!! Crazy. This past week was awesome. After my close to death sickness experience we had an AWESOME next day. We were looking for members in the ward to get to know better since we´re still not super familiar of the people in the area, and we found a less active family. We had a super good scripture to share (Ether 12:4) And talked about faith and the impact it can have on our life, and then towards the end, the mom started to cry. And at first I was afraid I had missed something (because my spanish of course), but then, turns out; JUST that morning, she was praying to God, questioning things that were happening in her life. She couldnt take much more and needed his hand in her life. And then we showed up. The amount of joy in her eyes touched my heart so much. And turns out, she has a son who is 9 and not baptized! So, new investigator for us! And thennnnn, Fernanda (someone weve been teaching who is incredible) accepted a baptismal date! We were beyond happy. But she missed sacrament meeting, so we have to change the date.... but that´s okay! I know all will be worth it in the end! I just really want to help her get to the temple trip that the ward is having in May. That will be such a great experience for her.
So ya, basically a lot is the same including the continual growth and learning in my life. It´s almost a blessing that it´s so hard to find people here to teach, because my faith in trust in the Lord has skyrocketed. My spanish is getting better! But not having people to teach makes it hard to practice, but again, totally okay! I´m just so happy to be here. This gospel is so true and God has so much love for each and every one of us.
I´ve been thinking a lot about "things". Like, wordly "things". Things like, running water, HOT water, blankets, cars, bikes, shoes, doors to houses, HOUSES. Things that are kind of second nature to us. But here in Mexico, not so much. People here don´t have the opportunity to try a million things like in the United States. If they like, guitar and dancing and drawing and photography--they pick one thing, and work on that. Because they dont have the time or the money to try it all. And also, a lot of our investigators/inactive members dont have the money to go to church! How sad is that?! They have such a desire to go, but yet. The lack the funds. That´s something Ive really been thinking about. It has humbled me so much. And I definitely did not word any of that the way its in my head, but that´s all fine and dandy. Im so grateful to be here. I´m so grateful for all of you. We are all children of our Heavenly Father, and He loves us all so much. And Jesus Christ, our brother, suffered and did SOO much for us. Don´t forget the importance of the atonement. It´s basically the whole purpose and way we can return to our Heavenly Father again. My thoughts are so jumbled. But I love all of you. And I hope you can all reach out to Christ and our Heavenly Father in your lives. Because He is standing there, with and open heart and hand, waiting for you to take it.
All is well in the promised land.

con amor,
Hna Waddell

(Ps. I was going to send a super sick picture of my awesomeeeee tan line from my shoes, buut, the internet here is not the best so, NEXT WEEK)

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