Monday, April 21, 2014


So there was an earthquake this week. Pretty awesome if you ask me. Ive never experienced one before so I was totally thrown off. But it lasted for a good minute and a half! But everyones safe! Atleast everyone I know...
This week has been slowww and harddd. Because They dont just have Easter for one Sunday here, they have this thing called Semana Santa and people are on vacation and out of town and have family ovre for 2 weeks! So its been hard getting ahold of people and getting people to church. But also kind of cool because it gives us more time to teach those investigators that arent on vacation.
Its been raining this week and I love it.
Oh, the other day, we were at this investigators house and they offered me abuelita hot chocolate because it{s my favorite and everyone knows haha. And I was like ya most definitely! And they were like okay, the stuffs in the kitchen. Haha, so I went in there and made everyone some Abuelita! I guess you could say Im pretty comfortable with that family already. The mom is like so ready for baptism it{s not even funny. We{re just waiting for her to get married this month :) Im soooo excited for her! Shes even starting to learn about the temple and preparing for it! How incredible right?!
Well, my companion left some stuff at walmart and we{re almost out of pday time, soooo I better go. But Know that I love you all. And also, you should all read the talk orrrr book by Elder Holland called In Times of Trouble. Also this awesome video that I absolutely and utterly love. "Because of Him." Remember Him always.

Love and miss you all.
Con amor, Hna Waddell
                                                               Teotihuacan ruins

 Cool blanket I got at the ruins

                                   My awesome district!

 Hermana Stoeger!

 Pyramids at Teotihuacan

My professional mickey mouse/lion pancake I made for my companion because Im the best companion in the whole entire world. 

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