Monday, May 5, 2014

In His time

I really enjoyed this week. While there have been some rough patches I am really starting to notice my progress personally and with our investigators. Even though things are going really slow, I know with time and a continuation of hard work, my work in the hands of the Lord with pay off. It´s really important to make it a goal to smile, every day. Especially those days that are hardest. We often look at all that we lack, rather than all that we are blessed with. And to have this mind set can corrupt our attitudes for our whole lives. And who wants to be sad and grumpy for their whole lives? Not me! So why not choose to be happy? Because after all, it is up to us.
The baptism dates we had planned for this month have been postponed, but we have faith that we can shorten that postponment.(dont know if thats a word, but ya) I hope that we can act as sharpened and refined tools in the hands of the Lord, sometimes I feel like we arent doing enough, but then I reallize patience is a virtue, as long as hard work and a steady hand are involved. I like to imagine Heavenly Father not sitting in a golden throne of eternity, but standing in front of a GIANT whiteboard with names and images and arrows and a map of His plan, and him just analyzing and vizualing and pondering on what He can do to help US become. I love this gospel. I love this beautiful opportunity I have to serve Him as a representative of Jesus Christ. I love the blessing that we recieve every day from His grace. I just love life.

Con mucho amor,
Hermana Waddell

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