Thursday, May 15, 2014


Like my sister said in her email. Missions are rollercoasters. I have had more ups and downs here than in my whole life. We go from laughing and having the time of our lives with one investigator, and then an hour later, we found out that two of our favorites have left the state and aren't coming back.
The downs often seem more extreme than the ups, but I know that if we didn't have both, this wouldn't even be half as amazing as it is.
Also, I never even realized until this week the trust that people have in is. They confide in us, they want our help and advice. And I know that if we do it through the Lord and in His way, these people will be blessed more than they can imagine.
I also realized why all my other friends on missions barely ever sent me letters. Because there is no time! We are sooo tired by the time we get home that in that extra 30/40 minutes before bed when we could do that, we're usually sleeping. Or washing clothes (because we have to wash them in the sink). While mind you I have written a few letters to people, I have no idea when Ill have the time to send them. It just crazy to actually be so caught up in work work work that I barely think about myself, and my main focus is on my investigators. I love this work so much.
Well I was going to try to send a video of me instead of writing an email because it was a pretty funny story. But I dont know how to send large files. But heres a picture of my ward mission leader and my Bishop. Yup. Sums up a lot of personalities in my ward.
Happy Mothers Day! I hope everyone recognized all the blessings in their life.
Con amor,
Hna Waddell

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