Monday, May 26, 2014

So I have big news everyone. We recieved our cambios today and my companion is going to a different area and.....wait for it...wait for it..... ya Im going to be a trainer. Im pretty terrified to be completely honest. But I know that I was called for a reason. Its going to be a fun bumpy ride.
Ive been thinking a lot about Jesus Christ and all that he did for us. Well I basically think about this every day, but especially this week. I was thinking about the trials we go through in life and the moments that we might feel that we just arent good enough, and we just cant go on. These are the most important moments for us to remember him. Remember all that HE did. Remember all that HE went through. Remember how much HE loves and cares ffor us. He knows us, inside and out. He knows how we feel. He knows what we need. And he knows whatever comes our way in life, we can push through. And we can become. Become more like Him. And become the best person we can be.
We must never forget the life of Jesus Christ. He is the perfect example. The most loving brother. He is our Savior and our Redeemer, and only through Him can we recieve eternal exaltation. Just remember that it was not easy for him, so why in the world should it be easy for us?

I am loving life here in the mission. We may not have baptisms, but we experience miracles. I see it every day in my investigators. Their faith is growing. Oh and we went to the Visitors center of the temple this week with some of our investigators! It was sooo beautiful! I can{t wait till I can enter the temple again.

I love you and all, and pray for you daily.
Con amor, brazos,
Hna Waddell


                                     Mexico City Temple

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