Wednesday, May 21, 2014

So I have like no time today at all. But this week will be my last week of training and its basically for sure that Ill be exchanged on Monday. Im not exactly looking forward to that, but change is good. A family of menos activos has a daughter who´s 8 and we were preparing her for baptism because she turned 8 and she got baptized this sunday, so we´re happy for her decision and desire. My words are so broken right now haha. I tried to pray in english today and let me tell you.... bombed it. My spanish has improved sooo much. We had a zone conference with Pres. y Hna Call esta semana y estaba answering almost all the questions, and me and Hna Acosta did a little skit talking about obedience. It was pretty funny. I have some pictures from this week, but this computer isn´t letting me send them soooo NEXT WEEK.
But ya, all I can think to say right now because I literally have no time, is keep me and my investigators in your prayers. Im happy as can be out here, but it can also be hard. We haven´t had any of our investigators really commit to baptisms or even coming to church and its to the point where we can´t really do much more for them. So ya, prayers and faith please!
And thank for all the bday wishes! I have some awesome people in mi barrio who celebrated my birthday with surprises :)

con mucho amor,
Hna Waddell

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