Monday, June 30, 2014

ATTENCION ATTENTION EVERYBODY, Our new President has arrived.

So ya, we have a new president now. President Titensor and his lovely wife. Well Im assuming she's lovely because to be honest we haven't met. But well meet them soon and Im pretty excited!
We´ve hit la mitad of training my companion. Seriously though, the time in the mission goes by SOOOOO fast. Its unreal. I almost have a third of my mission down! Crazy. I had some BOMB mole rojo this week. It was stunningly delicious. But despues(after), me and my companions stomachs were cramping all night and that wasnt too fun. WARNING: FOOD IN MEXICO COMES WITH CONSEQUENCES. No joke though. Im finally starting to get used to food even though sometimes the meat for me is super tough to put up with #exvegetarian but Im learning to get over stuff that doesnt matter.
Also, in the mission in general Im like pretty comfortable with everything, not a newbee anymore. So I dont feel as busy which is totally not good, but our goals for this week are to counteract that. Welp, its like chewing nails to think of what to say everyweek haha but I hope everyone is well and dandy and loving the life that we have been given. Count your blessings! Love your neighbor. Make good choices. Remember who you are. And eat your vegetables. Theres my words of wisdom for the week and I hope you can all take that to heart like I do. Vegetables are a beautiful beautiful thing. (lack of sleep in the mission is getting to me, just ignore the weirdness in this email.)

con amor,
Hna Waddell

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