Monday, August 11, 2014

8-4-14 and 8-11-14

8-4-14 Pics from temple visitor center


Im going to dedicate my email to this beautiful inspiring work of art.

This is a beautiful story about the conversion of someone who was basically at the bottom of the well.

It made me think a lot about the mission and about those little seeds we plant without even knowing it. Made me think of the beauty of this life, and the perfectness of this Gospel of Jesus Christ. Ive been pondering a lot about the whole concept of a mission, it{s actually something really strange if you think abou it a lot, but along with that something more marvelous than we can imagine at times.

It{s like a dream
The days still the same
From yes to no to maybe so
Their agency is tame

Its like a dream
We cant control the way
Whether we{ve done all that we can do
It doesnt mean that they will stay

Its like a dream
When you wake up youre asleep
With this joy mixed with worry
The time we can not keep

Its like a dream
We are in the service of Him our Lord
From aching feet to constant heat
We are constantly ignored

But a dream it is I say again
I cant fathom the beauty now
From the souls that change their hearts to Him
I understand the purpose now.

This life is beautiful. Especially the little things. Search for those things so that we can grow closer to Him. I know He´s here watching and caring for each and every one of us. Love you all. Im obsessed with this video and I hope you can all appreciate it as well.

Con amor,

Hna Waddell

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