Monday, August 18, 2014

I'm pregnant!

Okay not really, but we recieved exchanges! Tomorrow I will be training someone new and we are going to open a new area. WHAT. Ya, Im kind of nervous, but I know with the Lord on my side, we are going to have miracles.
I{ll be in Atoconilco en Hidalgo. Supposedly its really pretty so Im super stoked. Also supposedly it has a lot of muds and hills, DOUBLE STOKED. No but im really excited for change. Ive been in the same area my whole mission so far and it can get a little... well ya.
Im going to miss everyone here so much, it has been a lot of ups and downs, but the ups are what make it so sweet.

-My companion crying because Im leaving her (this is not fake...)
-us you know...just chilling en la casa
-The family that we were able to help get back into the church and baptize their son Diego. What wonderful people.

Ojala que todo esta bien!
I love you all! les quiero mucho
con amor,
Hna Waddell

Her companion is really crying because Emily will be leaving sad!

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