Saturday, August 30, 2014

So, we're here in the middle of NOWHERE in our new area, and I love it. And we're not even in the state of Mexico anymore..WHAT? Ya, we're in Hidalgo. Its like a million years away from everyone else in the mision haha. It's called Atotonilco or aka aPOLVOnilco. Polvo means like dirt... So its just drowning in dust and dirt here. its a really good thing I have glasses or Id probably have a desert in my eyes.
We dont really know anyone here because were opening the area so its been a little different but its going. We aren't even living in our area either, were living in different hermanas area because were waiting for another house in our area. I dont know, its just all super confusing. We dont even have pamphlets yet.. or a phone... So I dont know exactly how weve been getting away with that, but we're just waiting for it all to come in.
My companion Hermana Fondeur is from the Domican Republicccc! And her name is french, and she wants to be an actress, and she appreciates all forms of art like me, so we're basically going to get along superrrr well. Shes a little bit in culture shock Im pretty sure, but she'll get used to it.

Exchanges at the offices are always fun

And a sweeeeet photo of my companion in front of our super cool yellow stainglass door we have in our kitchen. Ya. That's art.

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