Monday, September 29, 2014

We had a baptism this week! WHOOPPP. Ya that baptism with Pablo that fell through last week, welllll we had an awesome bombin lesson with him and he got baptized two days after!! It was really awesome. We had had the baptism scheduled at 4 but nobody was showing up.... so we were like ummmm.. what do we do? But he was super chill and not worried and then like the whole ward showed up at about 530 haha. It was definitely late, but it was awesome. Me and Hna Wible sang How Great thou Art and the spirit was super strong the whole time. Hes going to be such a good faithful member of the church! 
And then they was a ward activity right after his baptism so it was almost like an extra celebration! It was awesome. 
With our area being a little pueblo and basically everyone has heard from the missionaries its been a little slow. But we have set some goals and plans so that we can harvest this vineyard. It{s amazing the umph and motivation we can recieve when we start to see all the hard work pay off. 
Ive been noticing a lotttttt in this transfer that I have a lot to work on, personally, and as a missionary in general. And Ive just been praying and praying trying to figure out how I could do it. Because there{s a lot and I dont know what to focus on first. But while I was studying this week I was looking at a scripture that theyre wanting us to memorize here in the mission. D&C 121:34-46. And it just hit me like a ton a bricks. I recieved the answer to my prayers. I had been so caught up in pride and focusing on what IM doing right or wrong and what I lack in the lessons and why arent people accepting MY message. ME ME ME ME. Well Ive been sadly wrong and mistaken by far. And I am gjoing to change. So that I am able to be a better instrument in the hands of God. Pride is a poison, but there is a cure. 
Gracias por todo que hacen! Echela ganas y siguen adelante! Les amo vastante. 

Hna Waddell

Some photos of the baptism and the activity. There was a member at the activity who brought a guitar. But he doesnt play, he just likes to walk around with it. hahaha. So I was refreshing my memory with some things. Turns out I basically dont remember anything. But ya know, whatever haha. 

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