Tuesday, September 16, 2014

So today. well tonight. Is like basically the 4th of July that they have here. Its straight up fiestas all night. So we have to be in the house early.

this week was cool. We had a lot of good lessons and I think were ffinally starting to get to know the people here. I gave a talk on Sunday actually based off of a talk from Elder Holland. It was super powerful. I might have scared some of the members away. haha no. jokes. Pero ya, it went really well and Im glad I had the opportunity. I would send everyone a copy but its in spanish soooo...
Also, there was a stake activity. And oh my gosh. Our stake is HUGEEEEEE. And we got permission to go, but like last minute so I didnt bring my cameraaaa :((( but Im going to get some pictures from the other missionaries. But it was aweomse. Each ward was assigned a cultural dance from mexico and they all performed. And everyone brought food there, but the weird part is that they were all selling food there. Like... it wasnt like a potluck where everyone brings and shares. nope. Selling. Weird I know, but ya thats how it is here. But ya it was superrr fun! Our investigator Pablo came, and he{s going to get baptized this Sunday!!!! We're soooo excited for him. So please, everyone. KEEP HIM IN YOUR PRAYERS.

There was a horse parade yesterday getting ready for all the fiestas today. SO MANY HORSES. I want ahorse.

Us in la combi or bus

and thats my zone. Its huge.

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