Monday, September 1, 2014

So we{re starting to find people! Were working with themembers and contacting basically everyone and poco a poco we are going to see some success! Just a couple pictures from this week.

Our pet emma, dont be fooled by the picture she was basically as big as my face. (ok, exaggeration but it was big!)
The drink Im holding in my hand is the love of my life. Its called agua de nuez. Basically its pecan water and its delicious
And well thats just me with a marshmellow lollipop and our investigor Pablo in the background. Hes getting baptized in a month. So we{re pretty STOKED. :)

BIG NEWS: Also, next week Ill be going to the VERA CRUZ TEMPLE. Its kind of a weird story, but basically me and my companion are taking a road trip with President and his wife and its going to be AMAZING

but ya, Im kind of brain dead right now because we washed clothes for like 2 and a half hours. (we wash by hand here so just soak that visual in)

Love ya much!

con amor,
Hna Waddell

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