Monday, October 6, 2014

So I dont know about you guys, but I absolutely lovedddd conference! Especially those super direct and a little bit risky talks directed towards lazy members of the church. Its about that time that people get their act together dont you think? Ya, me too. haha.
Welp, this week was full of spiritual experiences, and also full of just straight up bad days. Something that was said a few times in Conference was about the fact that we can{t have happiness unless we have misery. This is something as missionaries I think we learn in depth! But also it{s something we need to realize is extremely necessary. I{ll be quoting a few things from the conference in what follows... Decisions determine destiny...To obey is better than to sacrifice.. (Monson) We have this wonderful gift of agency that we should be using the way our Heavenly Father would have us do. "Our] decision to change is [ours] and [ours] alone." (Jorg Klebingat) We have so much counsel given us such as simple things like, prayer, scripture study, temple attendence regularly. These things aren{t going to kill us! They are going to help us grow into better, more obedient children of our loving Heavenly Father. We have this knowledge and this guidance. Now, "Turn [that] knowledge into action."(Eduardo Gavarret) ... "If [we] do our part, it will come, and it will be GLORIOUS." (Uchtdorff). I have a ton more of quotes and wonderful words from the people who shared with us at conference but there isn{t enough time in the world to share all my thoughts on them. Just remember, "The church is not for perfect people; it is for people to come unto Christ and be perfected in Him." (Uchtdorff)

I love you all and hope you are soaking up all of this counsel given from our Lord and God through our Prophet and leaders of the church. Study these things, apply them in your life. Good will come out of it, I can promise you that.

Con mucho amor,
Hna Waddell

we went and ate food with members in between conference sessions, and this was our form of transportation... felt like home.

orange is like the most common color for houses here. we were just trying to be hipster...

this truck passes by everymorning.. 50 oranges for 30 pesos. Its basically like 2 or 3 bucks for 50 oranges like, get at that.

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