Thursday, October 16, 2014

This week was just super chill and also super good. I hope everything is going great over there. We got to go to Walmart today, that was a change of the little ol Atotonilco haha. My area is basically a mix of two scenes in Nacho Libre, one is the part when he meets Ramses the Luchador in the city, mixed with the scene when he runs off into the dessert and he starts eating from a cactus. Soak that in, and then youll realize what my area is like haha

a piece of my zone

and just me and my companion playing with our little newspaper wall setup. yup. Thats how we relieve stress haha

SORRYYYY for not writing more, ill just assume you guys dont have to much time either.

Love you!
Hna Waddell

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