Monday, March 30, 2015

Sorry Im super bad at emailing its just because ya know, Im free soulin´ it. Haha no just kidding. I just really like looking up talks online during my internet time...
But anyways this week was awesome. Its amazing how we study and study and study the same topics and we can always learn something new. I was able to gain a new and elevating testimony this week on the Atonement and the forgiveness part of it.
I see so many people every day with so many problems in their life, and they only need to realize one thing.....the Atonement is real. It helps us get back on our feet, it heals it, it rennovates us, it teaches us that He is the ONLY one of understand.
Sometimes we think its impossible, sometimes we think we are too weak or too unworthy. But these things are lies.

All the water in the world

No matter how it tried

Could never sink the smallest ship

Unless it got inside.

All the evil of the world

And every kind of sin

Could never damn a human soul

Unless we let it in.

I love you all so much. The mission is so important to me. With every day I realize that I have less and less time to be here. Its terrifying but I know that when my time comes, God will be with me.

I am a new person, and I hope that those from my life before the mission can see that change and be grateful and impressed by it. I hope that the people I am teaching can have a change in their lives as I have had.

They dont have to remember my name, just like we dont know any of the names of the army of Helaman, but I hope that they remember that one missionary who worked her heart off to bring the children of God unto Christ. This work is perfect. It will ALWAYS always be a part of me. I will forever be in debt to my father for allowing me to serve Him.

Also just so you all know, my companion is the bestttt and I love her to death, I dont think I will have any better companion in the mission, its close to impossible.

Con muchisimo amor,

Hna Waddell

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