Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Okay, we have a golden family. We have been teaching the Olveras family for about a month and a half and GUESS WHATTTTT, theyre getting married and baptized this saturday!!!
The changes we have seen in their lives are miraculous. Their faith is impressing and their conversion is strong. I have never seen a family so prepared to hear the gospel as they are. I know this is GOD{S work, not ours. I know HE is in this, not just on the sidelines watching.
I forgot to tell you all about fast and testimony meeting last week.
Well, bueno, Karla and Carlos were sitting behind us and then we feel a tap on the shoulder... "What would happen if we wanted to go up in front and share our testimony?" We quietly told them nothing and that they could surely do that when wanted. 5 minutes later the whole family got up, including their 3 little ones and stood at the podium. They stood there together. Not one by one, but together sharing their testimony about the Restauracion and eternal families. The whole ward was in shock and a few people let the tears fall.
I know that this is the work of the Lord, that we are His hands, but if we dont do this work as He would do it, His hands wont work. And His work will come to a speed bump.
Thank you for your constant support and love.
con amor,
hna waddell

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