Monday, May 4, 2015

Okay everyone I just have an awesome announcement to make.......ok hold your breath...

are you ready?..

are you sure??

can you handle it??

are you stil holding your breath??

make sure theres nothing fragile around you....


here it goes..

we are going to have a special visitor here in the mission named.......

ELDER BEDNAR!!! One of the 12 apostles is coming here! To see US!! iM SO EXcitED!
Its going to be such a spiritual experience and we are all preparing to be elevated by it.
But ya, I dont know what else to talk about haha.
just know that the mission is great and I love it and Im so happy to be part of the work and remember every day who I represent.
Love you all
Hna Waddell

my companion and I =D

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