Monday, June 15, 2015

 This week I have been kind of sick to the stomach kind of bad but its getting better. today we ate at a cute little natural restaurant. My companion is the one is darker with curly hair haha

Wednesday, June 10, 2015


The miracle of the week that taught us the wise lesson of, "You get what you asked for"... but in a good way! 
We had been praying so much to find someone that the Lord was preparing to be baptized. We even made jokes that it would be so crazy if one day a family just showed up in the ward, had their asistencias en la capilla and told us, "Hey weve been going to church and were not members because we havent had the opportunity to be baptized, could you help us?" Obviously we were just joking around because that seems to be a situation almost impossible to come by.... The Lord proved us wrong.
There is a family of less actives who have been reactivating in the church, we thought they were all members... WRONG. There turns out to be 4 people, two moms and her sons, who we realized while talkign to them, that THEY ARENT MEMBERS AND WANT TO BE BAPTIZED.
While teaching one in her home her excitment and NECESITY to be baptized was amazing. I just remember her prayer clearer than ever... "Gracias Padre porque por fin.......(starts to cry) podemos hacer este convenio contigo que hemos querido hacer por tanto tiempo...." or in English "Thankyou Father, because finally.....(starts to cry)... we can make this convenant with thee that we have wanted to make for a very long time..." This experience touched me so much. 
It was a miracle. I was able to gain an even stronger testimony of how the Lord is the one hastening HIS work. And His work is beautiful.
Its overwhelming thinking that this will be my last transfer. But I know it will be a good one, and I will continue seeing miracles as long as I do the Lords will. The people here need my love and my diligence so that Heavenly Father can lead them in the right path. My companion is getting transferred and thats kind of sad, but the new one coming will be awesome as well! I already know her somewhat well, Hna Ortega from the Dominican Republic. Shes a fun one!

Also we got to go to a super awesome place today calle Arcos de sitio! So pretty! And also el pueblo magico Tepozitlan which has a big detailed catholic church that is really pretty on the outside. 


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