Tuesday, July 14, 2015


Just a miracle of the week.
When we visit one of the less actives here she always has a brother there in her house that has had problems with drinking for YEARSSSS. He always just kind of off in his own little world and we never really bother him.
This past week we invited him to listen, he did. Maybe he wasnt completely there understanding everything but he did express to us his desire to be closer to God.
We set an appointment, and part of this we challenged him to not drink not even one drop of alcohol until we had the appointment. It would be 4 days after. He accepted the challenge and we left.
Honestly in that 4 day period I was sure he had drank alcohol...

oh ye of little faith....

We went to the appointment we had set..


He was sober.


This man had kept his word, and after (if im not mistaken) 20 years of drinking almost every day, he went 4 days without. Now it might seem like small progress, but I say it was a leap of faith that he took. We invited him to do the same until his next visit, and I have the hope that he is keeping to his word. As he does this, in the lessons we have he understands more and really has the true desire to change and be better.
I know that our Savior helps us see miracles. I know through Him only can we change our weaknesses in to strengths, and I know that I need Him more than anything. Especially in this moment in my life. He can strengthen me and give me the comfort that I need.

Love you all,
all is well in the promised land.
Hna Waddell

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