Tuesday, July 14, 2015


Okay, Im sorry Im horrible at writing but any of you who have been on a mission you know how it is.
Well I{d just like to start off with the fact that this is the Lords work. And we are nothing without Him. I have seen His hands working countless miracles that I cant even describe.
We have been working to catch up with the Lord and His fast rythmn. I know that for this reason He has been blessing us to be able to see these miracles.
This past Saturday we were able to see 4 people that we found (prepared by the Lord in a way you cant imagine) be baptized. Everything you can think of was going wrong preparing for the baptism. Literally, everything. BUT do not fear, future converts are here... ready to make this convenant with our Heavenly Father so they can enter into the path that leads to eternal life.
I know that testimonies dont just come from other people repeating them in front of us. I remember in Highschool when I had my moments of doubt and I would sit in sacrament meeting on fast and testimony Sunday... I didnt understand why everyone said "I know I know IKNOW.." When I didnt really get the point. I felt that it was all good, but I couldnt quite figure out if I KNEW really KNEW if these things were true...
Bearing a testimony is the only way we can obtain one.
Just like the children of Israel as they were crossing the river Jordan. They were told that it would be opened for them, but did they just sit around waiting on the shore until the waters were opened? No. The waters were opened when they got their feet wet.
I know this church is true. I know the Gospel of Jesus Christ is what guides us to eternal life and happiness. I know that Jesus Christ is my Savior and Redeemer, and I could do or be nothing without Him. I love the mission. It is a part of me now, and it will be a part of me forever.

All is well in the promised land.
Con amor,
Hna Waddell

Ps the drain stopped working in the baptismal font and they hadnt emptied out the water from before so we had to empty it out with buckets and buckets and buckettssssss

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