Tuesday, July 14, 2015


Okay, what a week filled of so called "lasts".
We had our leadership council and zone meeting this week. Its sad to think they are the last I will be in. (until I serve a mission with my husband of course) But they were definitely spirit filled meetings where I felt I was able to be edified and lifted.
Something I have been working on this week is "The Elder Bednar Pattern".

Pattern of Learning and Teaching: Elder Bednar
I pray that all who participate will receive inspired answers to their questions. In preparation, I invite you to consider the following:
1. Prepare to learn. Before you take part, I encourage you to make time to study, ponder, and pray so that your heart will be open to hear the messages the Lord has prepared for you to hear.
2. Interact to edify. As you participate and actively listen to others, you can be edified through the teaching, testifying power, and confirming witness of the Holy Ghost.
3. Invite to act. After the event is over, ask yourself this question: “What will I do with what I have learned?”
If you will ponder and act on these invitations, you will receive inspiration suited to your life. The Lord is preparing messages for you to hear. I invite you to prepare yourselves to hear them.

Okay, so above is the pattern of elder Bednar..
I have noticed in this past week the importance of this pattern that Elder Bednar has taught us. When we prepare spiritually as did the 5 virgins with their lamps of oil we will be able to not only edify others but be edified ourselves in the process.
We were able to have a couple experiences that I liked in particular. While visiting a less active and teaching her about the Plan of Salvacion we asked her continually what she was learning while we talked about this. Her answers were never exactly about what we had said but they were related. I asked her how she had learned these things if we hadnt even talked about them specifically, she just replied "Pues supongo de Dios...¿no? mediante su espiritu..."(I guess from God, right? Through the Holy Ghost...)
We then reminded her that we are not the teachers, we are only here to testify and invite the TRUE teacher so that we can all learn and be edified together. What she had learned was personal. And what she had learned came from God.
After this brief explanation we were able to extend the question and invite her to act "Based on what you have learned today, what are you going to do?" She was then able to come up with her own committment. We didnt even have to think of it or drag her to think of something. On her own, through the help of the Holy Ghost she was able to recognize what she needed to change in that moment in her life.
I have come to realize more and more everyday what my responsibility is and why I am here. I know that the spirit is the teacher. And I know that He can only help us when we are spiritually prepared to invite the teacher.

Les quiero mucho,
All is well in the promised land.
Hna Waddell

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